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Cherish sweet and enduring beauty during pregnancy. Capture the moments that you spend waiting to meet your new baby.

It’s your birth-day! Experience being supported as you face active labor at home, in the birth center, or hospital – over and over again.

Watch your newborn baby during their first days. Time flies when you are falling in love with your baby. Remember each moment.

Normalize breastfeeding, today! Treasure your early relationship by capturing these special moments together – feeding, gazing and smiling.


A sophisticated, cinematic, short film of your sacred beauty in pregnancy,

your birth story, your fresh newborn baby, and the special bonding experience while

breastfeeding your baby. 

Why Birth Photography?

The birth-day is not only the birth of a baby, it is also the birth story of a woman becoming a new mother. A woman will never forget all that transpires during pregnancy, labor and birth. Many emotions will rise up within her and photography is the type of support that will provide a lasting memory of her experience.

Why Birth Cinematography?

While still photography can offer a birthing woman beautiful keepsake, cinematography of a birth story will capture the birth-day detail by details. What she said, how she reached out or went deep within, where she transitioned, and how her baby sounded when baby cried for the very first time.


your new baby into the world. Watch your story over and over again – those sweet memories preserved for you and your family are ones to cherish for a lifetime.

San Diego NICU Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer | Candid Perspective Photography
San Diego NICU Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer | Candid Perspective Photography
I booked a birth session with Vanessa in advance, but my blood pressure was high and I was admitted just before I was term. I was devastated.

She offered an on-call Fresh48 Newborn Photography and in exchange during the first days after birth to capture my daughter in the NICU.

The experience was extremely difficult yet as I look back at my archival prints of our special time was together in the hospital, I couldn’t be more grateful for her on-call options and the beautiful short film she created as our keepsake.

-L. Aldridge

Why Vanessa Simmons?

All things in relation to pregnancy, birth, babies, postpartum, and breastfeeding are my true and deep passion for life itself. Ask anyone who has known me since my first natural labor and delivery in 2007! i immediately started attending births only 4 months later to support the women around me and have been active in the birth community ever since. Many birth workers in San Diego recommend my services because of the positive energy and support that I bring to births.

I should probably also mention that I am an award-winning San Diego County Photographer, awarded by the Museum of Photographic Arts. I am currently offering exclusive reserved and On-Call Birth Photography Sessions for San Diego County families. Sessions vary such as: birth photography & cinematography, {fresh}48 newborn photography & cinematography, maternity photography, and breastfeeding photography. I am a trained Professional Photographer and Experienced Cinematographer who specializes in optimal lighting, high quality sound, and traditional video editing. Reserve your session in advance to ensure my availability.

Are you are in early labor? Did you just have your baby?

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Your birth photographer is an important player on your birth team. As a photographer and a new mother, I see beauty where there is pain, hope when there fear, and the story – which is yours only – unfolding right before my eyes. My goal is to work alongside your birth team to provide the most accurate documentation of your birth-day.


I have a real soft spot for capturing the enduring moment when fathers meet their long-awaited babies for the first time. I believe that the birth-day is especially exquisite from the father’s perspective. He plants the seed, watches it grow and picks the fruit of the full grown tree. It’s a joy all its own. This moment alone is of great significance for him.


I am proud to speak Spanish fluently – taught by my mother-in-law, from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Much of my birth work has been in support of Spanish speaking families. It is wonderful to be able to help to create a comfortable birthing space for bilingual mothers and fathers in this way. Si hablas Espanol, llamame directamente, ahora. Quiero ayudarte para que recibas un gran regalo de vida!


Although I attend births to capture their beauty from a candid perspective, more than once I have also been asked to hand something or go get something for the supportive members of the delivery team (especially in home birth). When things move quickly, I am responsive and aware of how to handle spontaneous birth situations.

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